Want to be a Billionaire?

June 22, 2016

Over the weekend one of my facebook friends shouted “I want to be a….. billionaire!” I found out she was echoing the words of a song.


Notwithstanding that, I sensed a bit of hopefulness in her words, so I commented saying “I can show you how!” With lightening speed she responded:“I’m taking notes Nick!”

Isn’t  a billion dollars made up of $1.00 bills?



Seldom we recognize the power of $1.00 and dispense with it without thinking twice and we even pass up billions of opportunities to earn it too.



Think about this:

  • “You cannot be a Billionaire without first being a Millionaire”

  • “You’re not a Millionaire without being a Hundred Thousand-aire”

  • “You would first have to be a: Ten-Thousand-aire, Thousand-aire, Hundred-aire and of course a Dollar-aire”


If not, you are simply hoping to get lucky. What are the odds, when betting on a Million Dollar jackpot?  How much would you have to invest to guarantee your chances of success?


A wise person once said: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”


Nick says: “Make your own Luck!” 

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