Advice On Demand

The following are just a few reasons why you should consider A.O.D.;

You are Financially Competent...
however you would like to talk to someone other than your banker, insurance agent or stockbroker to get an independent, unbiased perspective on one or more areas of your finances.

You are about to make a Major Financial Decision...
and based on the amount of money or risk involved, you are not sure what questions you should be asking. The answers to these questions could influence your decision or your ability to negotiate a better deal and increase your profitability.

You have a Significant Life Change...
to deal with and you are not sure how it will impact you, or your finances in the short, medium or long term. Maybe you are getting married, purchasing a home, having a baby, furthering your education, going through a divorce, about to retire, awaiting VSEP, had a death in the family, changing jobs, opening a business or anything else that requires an expert financial opinion.

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Customised Financial Blueprint

If you are ready to put your financial house in order then a good place to start is by developing a Customised Financial Blueprint (FBP).

With an effective blend of unbiased advice and properly documented financial plans, your goals and dreams become reality.

Your blueprint covers every aspect of your financial life and offers the following benefits:

  • A thorough analysis of your problem areas.

  • Strategies to make the best investment decisions relevant to your goals.

  • A plan to eliminate all of your debts in the shortest possible time.

  • Techniques to leverage good debt to build real wealth.

  • Guidance on which insurance and pensions plans are best for you, eliminating the ones that waste money.

  • Recommendations on maximizing tax benefits and avoiding unnecessary penalties.

  • Simple and effective tools to better manage your money and cash flow.

  • Strategies to quickly build reserves for emergencies and periodic expenses.

  • An invaluable resource to prepare your will and estate plan.

We guarantee that the money saved from your Customised Financial Blueprint will make this a worthwhile investment that pays for life!

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Your Personal Financial Coach

If you are not absolutely satisfied with where you are financially, then enlisting the support of a Financial Coach is a great idea. Some reasons for choosing this service include:

  • You feel that you have room for improvement in getting your finances perfect and not sure what you can do differently.

  • You have particular preferences and need individual, non-judgmental attention focused 100% on you and your financial needs.

  • You find it difficult to set up a plan and stick to it because something always throws you off and it’s tough getting back on track.

  • You often struggle with money management and find financial matters a challenge.

Your Personal Financial Coach offers you a unique mixture of ongoing expert advice, financial training, customised financial tracking tools, a listening ear and moral support when you need it most. Your Coach continuously evaluates your progress and constantly searches for the easiest, quickest and most exciting ways to help you succeed.

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10 Steps to Financial Mastery – Course

This program strips away all of the fluff that exists in the public domain on the subject of wealth and money. It then extracts only the most valuable information to develop strategies for achieving financial freedom in a realistic time frame. Each two (2) hour session will teach you the fundamentals of a major topic in personal finance and will reveal the best-kept corporate secrets that will save you thousands of dollars if implemented. You can cover the entire program or focus only on the topics that interest you the most. You can also start and stop at anytime and there are no examinations except a fun filled workshop-competition at the end. 1. Annuity Secrets and Personal Income Tax Preparation 2. Insurances Made Easy (Life, Critical Illnesses, Health and General Insurance) 3. Credit Management & Debt Elimination 4. Savings & Budgeting Systems and Strategies 5. Investment Step 1 (Interest bearing instruments) 6. Investment Step 2 (Capital appreciation and profit generating instruments) 7. Investment Step 3 (Strategies & Techniques) 8. Home & Property Ownership 9. Personal Financial Blueprint Development 10. Money Management & Investment Workshop-Competition (Full day session with meals included)

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Money Management & Investment – Workshop & Competition

This workshop presents a safe and fun environment to practice the art and science of investing without losing real money.

In the spirit of friendly competition you will get lots of opportunities to learn by making realistic money management and investment decisions across a wide range of everyday financial scenarios.

You will be able to tap into the expertise of a qualified financial advisor and other experienced investors to help you evaluate a series of investment deals.

We will teach you everything you need to know about the various financial instruments available in the public domain; how they work, when to use them and how to profit from them in any economic climate.

Guaranteed to dramatically transform your knowledge about money and investing, this is one workshop you will never want to finish!

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