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"Think Big Act Small"

Whilst Chatting with a friend today, I showed her a picture of a beautiful Caribbean House in a MACO coffee-table book.

Her face lit up as she exclaimed:

“if only” followed by “but who am I fooling Nick. Should I even be looking at that house in my current financial position?”

My response to her was “You are self employed and you write your own paychecks why not?”

I always remind myself of Napoleon Hill’s famous words “Whatever my mind can conceive it can achieve

Don’t concede defeat before giving something a try. Remember: “BIG goals are seldom ever accomplished by BIG steps. Each day, do something small to get you closer ~ “Think Big Act Small!”

The headline is also the title of a book by Jason Jennings.

Have a great week dear friend and we’ll pick back up on Tomorrow, God willing. ~ Nick

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