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An Unexpected Dash of Sugar

Today a shopping experience reminded be of the power of sugar in enhancing and counteracting the harshness of some dishes.

A little sugar in your bowl after tasting your first piece of sour, peppery “mango chow” is outstanding!

Whilst gift shopping today, in the cold pouring rain, I managed to slip into a store to check out their offerings.

Anxious to part with my cash and be on my way to work, I gazed around hoping that someone would come to my rescue.

The acknowledgement I received was as delightful as that first piece of mango chow. “Grimacing-ly” I spewed myself out of the store and began dialing from my very short list of merchants.

A young woman promptly answered the phone and seemed to cosmically know what I was looking for (call it luck if you will). I found the place which was a “stone’s throw away” from my office ~ got in and got out in 20 minutes flat, including some extra paperwork to take my registration for a loyalty card. “A spoon of sugar in my bowl!”

It doesn’t matter what work you do, you are in business and you serve others.

Take some time out to examine how you treat with people. In some roundabout way they are responsible for your paycheck.

Nick says ~ “A dash of sugar in your everyday human interaction is unexpected and outstanding!

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