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Money In Your Kitchen

I’m soooo hungry right now!

What am I to eat? I already opened the fridge five times and saw nothing different than a couple minutes ago. That bowl of soup sure could take the edge off!

The way I see it I have three options:

1. Starve to death (not an option)

2. Go out and buy something (but you know I’m not going to do that, in light of this Monday’s episode of food poisoning and of course the $$$) or

3. Cook something (Right Nick!)

If I already know that everyday I’ll be hungry why don’t I just make something ahead of time?… Actually I do, but the routine got messed up past couple of days because of work. Life happens!

It’s always better to cook when you are not hungry (save money & stress). So when hunger does hit, the solution is right there staring you in the face on the refrigerator shelf and not bottles of condiments.

Oh well, I think I’ll just have some of that home made bread in the freezer with some soy ham slices and say God is Love! (Life Saver!)

Nick says ~ “Getting in the habit of planning meals in advance and shopping for the right ingredients helps you find money in your kitchen

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